Shows that have closed

Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic (Mar 26-29, 2020)

These shows have been cancelled.

Due to lack of staff, government discouragement of gatherings of more then 50 people, and the rapidly escalating amount of closures of businesses and cancellations, and the risks to our wonderful judges, we have been forced to make this decision.
This decision was not made in haste, or taken lightly. We have done everything to try to make it work.
This is as devastating to clubs, superintendents and vendors as it is to exhibitors.

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All reserved grooming is sold out!

Manitowoc, WI
Closes Mar 11, 2020

Manitowoc KC (limit of 1600 entries per day)
2020045001 AB/JSHW/NOHS (Thu 3/26/20)
2020045002 AB/JSHW (Fri 3/27/20)

Packerland KC (limit of 1600 entries per day)
2020043601 AB/JSHW/NOHS (Sat 3/28/20)
2020043602 AB/JSHW (Sun 3/29/20)

American Chesapeake Club
2020152611 SWP (Sat 3/28/20)

Greater Miami Dog Club (Mar 28-29, 2020)

This Show has been cancelled by the club due to all county parks being shut down.

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Miami, FL
Closes Mar 11, 2020

2020104201 AB/O/JSHW (Sat 3/28/20)
2020104202 AB (Sat 3/28/20)
2020104204 RLY (Sat 3/28/20)
2020104203 AB/O/JSHW/NOHS (Sun 3/29/20)
2020104205 RLY (Sun 3/29/20)
2020104206 FSS/Open (Sun 3/29/20)
2020104207 BPUP (Sun 3/29/20)