To use the online entry system          ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM

After you enter your dog in a show, you can click on the show link and the dog's name will be next to any shows entered. Click on the dog's name to view the entry form.

If you have a message that your password is invalid or incorrect, you may have an account already set up. Please email me at and I will email your password to you.

The first page is for Signing up. This is required in order to use the online entry system. Users may change their password at any time.

Immediately upon signing in for the first time, you may add any dogs you wish or browse the shows, your account or logout. For return users, a list of dogs in the system that you have previously entered is shown. 

Account Link- This is where you may edit your personal information including billling information and credit cards you can choose from to pay for entries as well as changing your password.

Dogs Link- Each dog you have put into the system is listed here and you can edit the dog information, remove a dog from the system (only one you have put in the system) or register a dog for a show. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN ENTERING A DOG IN THE SHOW THAT YOU MUST CHOSE A PARTICULAR DOG ON THE ACTUAL ENTRY FORM.

Shows Link- Is a list of shows that are available to be entered. These are listed in Date order.  We have endeavored to make this as easy as possible, but if you have any problems, please give us a call.

The receipt that is emailed to you has a link that you can click on, which brings you back to the online entry system and after entering your email and password allows you to view the entry form and class entered.

Foy Trent 573-881-2655                      ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM